Shots Fired on the Mountain

Fall is my favorite time of year, so I wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken on recent hikes around Central Appalachia. In the middle of this photo album, notice the peak bursts of color. Many of the orange-and-red photos were taken within a 3-mile radius of downtown Mullens during the last week of October.

Photos that appear near the top were taken from various points along the New River Gorge. Photos near the bottom were taken during my September hikes near the Gauley Bridge, Thurmond, and other places.

My first Halloween proved to be a special memory. Many of the locals from Mullens, Beckley and Fayetteville were dressed up to celebrate, and a friend headed south to visit and hike with me. It was fun to hear all the great bands around town, and meet up with the new friends I have been making along the way. I was surprised to hear us sing along to this hit song! As we watched the band, and then turned around to watch dozens of people singing along, we knew we would never forget this night.

We both agreed that Halloween in Mullens was something to remember. It was great having someone to share my ups and downs because something tells me they are always going to be here.

I will continue to add to this album as fall turns to winter. At the end of my service, it will be fun to look back at West Virginia over the seasons.

I think I have found a new home here. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever leave.