Composting in CLE (with a nod to Cornell)

Summer classes have faded into fall, and now I am knee deep with three more classes at the Mandel School.

On top of all that, I am enrolled in six different compost classes, courtesy of Cuyahoga Composts. I am learning so much, preparing my backyard for compost and experimenting with my zebra mussel shell recipe.

During the last weekend in September, my fellow gardener and I were in tear-down mode at the Ben Franklin Garden. The harvest potluck is now behind me and my summer belly continues to feed from the sweet, wonderful greens of our community garden. How wonderful a life it is!

I am still making headway with the zebra mussel shell project. My friends over at Rising Harvest Farms in Old Brooklyn are now feeding them to their chickens, and they love them! There is so much to learn and so many possibilities for someone new to gardening, composting and zebra mussel shells.

Just before fall classes, I made a trip to Ithaca, New York, and visited with researchers from Cornell University. I spent a great deal of time talking about zebra mussel shell composting with the folks from the Cornell Waste Management Institute. I also met with Keith Tidball, Faculty Fellow for the David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future. It has always been a dream of mine to visit this campus! Wow, three waterfalls and a rich, rich history, plus so much hiking, I vow to return some day.

It’s all just a matter of finding the time for school, work and fun. Balancing the goodness in life is what authenticity is all about, so I need to take things one minute at a time.