An Ode to Sustainable Cleveland 2019

This morning, I had this vision about a green city on a blue lake.

Cleveland proud, I am so amazed at the changes you have made in just a few short years, since our sustainable city became a reality.

As a resident, I am feeling the energy in my neighborhood, and in my community. As an activist, I hope I can contribute a little bit more and try to get others excited to learn.

Last Thursday, I took part in one of the most energetic initiatives I have ever seen in this city since I’ve lived here. At this year’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 event, we all got a chance to contribute our ideas and get more involved with planning the city’s future.

The reason the summit is called “2019” is because 2019 will be the 50th anniversary of the Cuyahoga River debacle. I figured, I am already doing some work in my neighborhood, revitalizing abandoned city lots and learning about green technologies. Plus, I am also spending more time contributing to our local food movement.

My biggest goal is to try and encourage youth to get more excited about urban gardening and environmental science. With all this talk about renewables, I know that will be their future. I will also continue a little bit of my upcycling projects here and there, and try to learn more about zero waste.

We all have to work to reclaim our environment. There is so much we can do to contribute to Cleveland’s Climate Action Plan and encourage others to do the same.

To the Lincoln West High School students who sat along with us on that day, I was impressed with your willingness to get involved. To Jenita McGowan and her staff in the city’s sustainability office, it is great to see such positive energy coming our way.

Less than 6 years until 2019.

Where will we be then, Cleveland, Ohio?