EarthFest in CLE: 25 Reasons to Celebrate

earthfest5aYou can’t say enough about Cleveland’s EarthFest celebration.

25 years – what a milestone for my city!

Every year, it keeps getting better. At last Sunday’s event, I made some new connections and learned about a bunch of programs that are making an impact on our environment.

I munched on a delicious coconut cupcake and met a lot of great people working their booths, but I didn’t get a chance to see everything. There are tons of vendors so you can spend a few hours here. People are always giving away something, and over at the Equal Exchange fair trade booth, I scored some free samples of bittersweet chocolate, crunchy flavored almonds and chewy dried apricots from Pakistan.

I volunteered to help at the Sustainable Cleveland booth, where the kids were lining up to spin the wheel. Here, they were giving away cherry-red suckers if you knew the answers to some basic recycling trivia.

Q: Where can you dump your old refrigerator and analog TV?

A: Read the answer and more, thanks to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District website.

Hey, Speaking of Zero Waste

After attending my first Sustainable Cleveland summit last fall, I volunteered to sit on a working group for the city’s Year of Water initiative for 2015. To do my part, I am trying a mini experiment:

Every so often, I keep track of all the water I waste. Before the shower warms up or the sink water gets hot, I try to fill up my recycled jugs with excess water.

All that water that would normally run down the drain is now being used to wash dishes and water plants. It’s amazing how much water I save.

How easy was that? Try it and see.