Tweets from the Science Lab

pentopaperIt takes a minute to think, “How should I say that in 140 characters or less?”

We put our Near West scientists to the test, and asked them to tweet about their zebra mussel shell research — so far — and get a feel for what online tweets are really all about.

It’s easy to mispell a word here and there, now isn’t it?

And difficult to stay within 140 characters, right?

And what does a hashtag do anyway?

All good questions, and now our NWIS scientists are starting to get the hang of it. Here are some of their first-ever tweets:

“Happy Spring!! On April 1, 2014, we planted seeds with our groups. I love this experiment!”

“Our plants are grown-ups not babies anymore. #NWISplants”

“We started this incredible experiment. My group is called the yellows. We planted lettuce, radishes and tomatoes. Our mixes were Mix A, Mix B and Mix C.”

“I planted a seed for the first time in my life.”

We hope to add more tweets soon, so follow us on Twitter during our NAPECA project.