Hey, Stay Away From My Cucumbers!

It is now week 3 at the Ben Franklin Garden and we are no longer worried about the rain. Now, we have a new worry — how to kill the bugs that are eating away at our cucumber plants. I approached John Jenkins, our resident gardening expert, to come over to our plot and take a look. At first, he wondered if they were just being finicky. It seems that cucumber plants prefer to be Continue reading

Week 2 – Sprouts!

After our first week at the community garden, it was all about water rotation. We wanted to make sure our seeds and new plantings took root, so we decided to water the plot twice a day. This meant e-mailing or texting each other when our water duty was complete, so the other person could determine the best time to head out again to keep things moist. As for me, I had a pretty sweet setup. Continue reading

Planting Season in Old Brooklyn

Ben Franklin Community Garden is officially open for the season! This year, I decided to buy a plot and find a few friends who could teach me how to grow a salad garden. My friend, Darlene, agreed she might be up for the task. She invited her neighbor, Tom, to help join in. The three of us live in Old Brooklyn, and we wanted to be part of a decades-old tradition. Since 1929, folks have Continue reading