The Greening of CLE

It’s good to be growing a garden in the city. Just yesterday, I stopped by the Ben Franklin Community Garden to water our tiny plot, and I didn’t recognize it! Our plants have grown so much in the past few days, they are taller than they’ve ever been. It’s a great feeling to connect with people in the neighborhood. Say what you will about Cleveland, but this greening effect is starting to wear on me Continue reading

Success! Greens and Radishes

We continue to enjoy our community garden plot and delight in the tiniest of surprises. So imagine my excitement when I received an update that Darlene had stopped by to water, and it was time to pick some radishes and lettuce for my first salad. I didn’t realize this is how it worked, that some things arrived earlier than others. (Obviously, I cannot stress enough how new this gardening experience is for me, and how Continue reading

One Month at the Garden – A Photo Essay

We’ve been growing our produce at Ben Franklin Garden for a month now, so I thought I would show you some photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks. You can really see the progression of our community garden taking shape in Old Brooklyn. We started our succession planting to give our lettuce beds, beans and carrots another jumpstart. Darlene has been spreading grass clippings, coffee grounds and eggshells around the tomato plants and beans, Continue reading