Garden Harvests and Other Good Stuff

The Fourth of July holiday apparently gave our garden some extra snap, crackle and spark. When we returned to the garden on the 5th, we found zucchini ready for picking and an abundance of peppers, lettuce, basil and cilantro. Our carrots look like they are ready to burst any day now, and our green beans have finally appeared for the first time. They will still need a little more clinging time on the vine, so Continue reading

The Shell Experiments: And So, They Begin

With all this talk about zebra mussels, it was time to start mixing up a batch of compost. Summer on the lake had kicked into gear, and the piles of zebra mussel shells were slowly being smoothed and graded. Alas, I am not a scientist by any stretch of the word and cannot pretend to be. But like any good cook, I know how to follow a recipe and find the ingredients I need. For Continue reading

Preparing Our July Peas

After surveying our garden for the past week, we decided to start the month of July with a whole new battle plan for our peas: “Why don’t we pull the damn things out and start over?” Last Thursday, we came to the garden with a cooler, a busted wooden ladder and a couple of old TV trays in tow. TV trays you ask? Darlene and Tom realize, if we want our peas to grow, we Continue reading