Ohio & Erie Canal: The Tremont Trail

I hate all the road construction on I-90 in Cleveland. But if you are an urban hiker and biker like me, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you near the Abbey Road exit. After decades of planning and blazing the 101-mile path from New Philadelphia to Cleveland, the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is coming together piece by piece. Soon, we will see the final section of the Towpath Trail along the Cuyahoga Continue reading

60 Days at Near West

Hard to believe that two months ago to the day, I was introducing a group of fifth- and sixth-graders to recycling, composting and earth science. Wow, did I learn a lot! We created new zebra mussel shell compost, planted seeds in experimental soil and learned how to take common, recyclable plastics and turn them into re-purposed garden containers. Best of all, we now have healthy, thriving garden plants in the able hands of a group Continue reading

Graduation Day!

After working on my master’s degree part-time for the last six years, I finally graduated from Case Western Reserve University on Sunday, May 18. Graduation in Cleveland was a perfect day, after a week of soggy rains, floods and hail. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, and it ended up being one of the best days of my life. Lots of fun friends and family surprises! Everybody keeps asking me: “So what’s next? Continue reading

RiverSweep: Another 25-Year Milestone

A few weeks ago, I posted some information on EarthFest, an event for the planet that Clevelanders have been celebrating for the last 25 years. It seems like we reached yet another milestone last weekend. This past Saturday, I put on some old boots and attended RiverSweep, another signature event that has been around in Cleveland for — you guessed it — 25 years. RiverSweep is a day when volunteers band together to pick up Continue reading