Education in an Urban and Rural World

Ever since I embarked on my southern states tour last winter, I’ve been looking at environmental education and food justice issues that affect both urban and rural communities. We know that Cleveland and other metropolitan cities are starting to do a better job of this, and I for one, have been buying produce at my corner Convenient Food Mart during the off season. We have to support our local farmers (not blame them) and do Continue reading

Blame Game? Toledo’s Toxic Water Woes

Are you still following Toledo’s water crisis? I still want to know why the media is so quick to condemn the farmers and everyone else for all the phosphorus problems in Lake Erie without digging a little deeper. We know fertilizer and phosphorus runoff is a contributor, but we also know it’s not the only factor. Within days of the story, reporters were quick to point the finger at farmers without doing additional research on Continue reading