Casual Science and Backyard Gardening

In a previous post, I wrote about Kentucky Garden and how much fun I had meeting a whole new crop of urban farmers. Fifth grade science class had ended back in May, and now it was time to try some new experiments on my own. Part of being a casual scientist is learning from others. So when one of the gardeners in Ohio City heard what I was up to, he suggested a great way Continue reading

Shell Hunting on the Pacific Coast

I think I am addicted to mussels. When I lived in Florida, I used to eat a ton of the meaty morsels, slathering them in a sea of garlic lemon butter. Mussels were easy to find in restaurants along the Gulf Coast, but I noticed I was getting sick after I ate them. It happened again with oysters and clams, so I wondered if it was shellfish poisoning or something in the water. By the time I moved out of Florida in 2005, I Continue reading

Foreclosures: From CLE to California

Last month, I headed out west and took my community activism on the road to a War on Poverty conference in San Francisco. Back in March, I submitted a research paper I had written, which detailed my work on an abandoned home in Cleveland. The house was owned by a man in prison who had no money, and no means to pay the mortgage, insurance or back taxes. The paper detailed several twists and turns. Continue reading