New Friends and Farmers (Part II)

In a previous post, I talked about my first meeting with Victor Chan, an immigrant farmer I met while tending my community plot over at Kentucky Garden. The garden is located directly across from Near West Intergenerational School, where kids are learning to be urban farmers. Our middle-school students from Near West have been experimenting with zebra mussel shell compost and are ready for their next assignment. Now they will be working with refugee farmers Continue reading

Namaste! Teaching Nepali Farmers

Happy New Year everyone! We are starting our second year of the NAPECA grant, and we are excited about the possibilities. Over the last several months, we have had great success with our zebra mussel shell compost, teaching the locals in Cleveland how to use it in backyard plots, urban farms and container gardens. On October 29, we took our teaching to a whole new level. We began teaching refugee farmers from Nepal how to Continue reading