Fracking in Farm Fields: Soil Quality, Health Concerns Abound

by Maria Dimengo copyright 2018, Acres Magazine The images of water-logged grasslands and decimated fields paint a bleak portrait of rural farm life in the aftermath of hurricane disasters. For ecosystems, it is the water and soil that binds. Flatlands and coastal prairies can only absorb so much water, and farmers need to figure out a way to restore a soil medium that keeps dairy cows healthy and row crops productive. Beyond this weather-beaten landscape Continue reading

Vocal Opposition in the Valley

It’s getting close to twilight on Easter night, and the birds keep calling me. My two-hour nap has officially ended. The chatter has turned into a soothing and welcome wake-up call. Those cheeps and chirps remind me that it’s time to unpack my car after a quick trip to Charleston. In three more hours, it will be the coyotes who cry out. I get motivated to write after I travel. Since I last updated my Continue reading