Welcome to Summer!

Happy Solstice! There is so much to write and talk about, but I’ve had a garden to look after and lots of thoughts and ideas to sort through. Life in and around Athens seems busy, which is the reason it’s been forever since my last post. The old autumn leaves I kicked around in my last post turned to harbingers of spring, miles of faraway trails, and 50-year celebrations of the river I grew up Continue reading

A Shout Out to Rosie the Riveter

In honor of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I thought I would share a story about Veronica Kubanis, a living Rosie the Riveter. My mother worked as a Rosie at Akron’s Goodyear Aircraft. She can still recall those days when she worked on the Martin B-26 Marauder twin-engine bomber in 1943. When Did You Decide to Become a Rosie? I was working as a nurse’s aide at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron. There was an Continue reading